World language

I have learned a lot about Spanish about dia de lots muertos or the day of the dead. I have done quizzes on so many thing in Spanish and so many people including like space race its when you have a team and you have to answer a bunch of questions in Spanish and which ever team has the most corrects answers win the round of the game.

I am hoping to learn French next year so I can have a tast of that as well because I have been doing Spanish for three year now I love this language because it has a lot of culture in it but I like trying new things do. 



As a scientist I have learned about momentum. 

Momentum is the way things move.

We did experiments to see what happens to a penny when you drop a penny from different heights and speeds.

We changed variables in experiments and tracked the data to make sure we don’t do the same experiment again. I learned that if you change one very little thing in the experiment that you are doing it could change the whole experiment. 



As sociologist

I have learned about Ruby Bridges.

How Black and Whte had a difference in them and the crulity  that was between the two different sides. This is a pice of my thinking from my note book to show you how I think and take time to jot while the movie is still going on,



I have learned to use google drawing  to make poster.

Me and some other people made a poster for math that we were going to give to first graders.

It was very fun making posters with other people because they can give you feed back that can help make your work better.


As a writer ….

As a writer I have learned to try harder to write different types of topics I don’t like.

I chose this writing because I love  fantasy and did well on it. Though I am not such a non fiction fan but I tryed my very best to do and finsh my imformational writing.

Why I chose this wrtting because I worked hard on them and I am so proud of them.

As a learner in writer I have learned that their are always going to be topics that I am not a fan of but it is my joy to persevere through all of it. I chose this picture because Asian Elephants was a topic that was given to me to write about and I thought that I code to do it but I tryed and realised that I could do it if I tryed.




As a reader I have learned it to take jots because it helps keep track of what the character is doing in the book.

For exam pail I chose this pieace because this I how well I am am doing noting on my own.I also sjphow all the big and small thing that happens in the book.

I hope you read Percy Jackson!!

This is how I am jotting in read aloud. I chose this because I could relate too this character and I am not like or don’t have all the or some experiences like the characters do.

As a reader I have realised that I have a better volume and stamina because I was working hard by reading at home and school and writing summaries about it.


Math 2

As a mathmation  I have learned to make a goal and keep it. I have made a goal of uttziling problems and hope to 

apopish it. I For expample I chose this pieace of my work because it has a great equation and model. It also has a  explation of what I did.

Another explain is that I persevered I this problem and tried to do math matical practice number 7.

Reflecting on my work I am on the Wright track but just need to work on my models.



 I am proud of my work for math because I worked hard in the model and eguation these things help me make a strong proof. I was working on mathmatical practise seven.

I am trying to utilise problems and equations to help me solve problems.


Dear, Parents

Thank you for coming to this confrience, so I 

can tell you about all the things I have 

learned this year.

I have been working hard on getting 

information from my notebooks and blog posts.

Some apps have given me ideas too.

I have been growing this year as 

a learner in my writing, math, and reading. 

I love to share with you. 

I have grown as a writer something I am good at is fantasy writing 

structures and have grow in my informational piece.

Today all your questions will be answered about my school life.

Love Sahiba?