My memoir writing 


It was a normal day. English period the last period of the day, it was about to be over. Just when the bell ran the desk started shaking I told Emma to stop shaking he deck. 

She said she wasn’t I got up and screamed on the top of my lungs 

It’s as I said that, Miss.Custer our principal said “earthquake drill “ when that happened everyone believed me. I ran towards the cafeteria and ducked under a chair. 

My mother was at home with my four day old baby brother I was praying to God that they would be fine because my mom couldn’t drive.
My father was out of the country I started crying even more. I was scared of this drill so scared that that I made others in the cafeteria cry too.
Suddenly a big shake came across the floor something had hooked on too me. When the shake was gone I say who it was a older kid named Ivy the girl who lived across the street. 

I knew her she was older but I was taller so we pretended we were the same age. She said everything will be ok she said she had called her mom to pick my mom up with my brother if the earthquake was bigger than everyone thought. Just after that Miss.Custer told us that the earthquake was happening in a very far country and it was a very big earthquake so we could feel it all the way in Virginia. 
I was so happy after that I ran to the bus and went straight home.

I learned a very important lesson make good friend because they will have your side during the hardest moments of your life.


World language

I have learned a lot about Spanish about dia de lots muertos or the day of the dead. I have done quizzes on so many thing in Spanish and so many people including like space race its when you have a team and you have to answer a bunch of questions in Spanish and which ever team has the most corrects answers win the round of the game.

I am hoping to learn French next year so I can have a tast of that as well because I have been doing Spanish for three year now I love this language because it has a lot of culture in it but I like trying new things do. 



As a scientist I have learned about momentum. 

Momentum is the way things move.

We did experiments to see what happens to a penny when you drop a penny from different heights and speeds.

We changed variables in experiments and tracked the data to make sure we don’t do the same experiment again. I learned that if you change one very little thing in the experiment that you are doing it could change the whole experiment. 



As sociologist

I have learned about Ruby Bridges.

How Black and Whte had a difference in them and the crulity  that was between the two different sides. This is a pice of my thinking from my note book to show you how I think and take time to jot while the movie is still going on,



I have learned to use google drawing  to make poster.

Me and some other people made a poster for math that we were going to give to first graders.

It was very fun making posters with other people because they can give you feed back that can help make your work better.